Vision, Mission & Core Values


Our idea is to be the leader in technology driven engineering service solution provider Company per Excellence

Our business objectives is to be the Nation leading professional engineering services firm benefitting the communities we work in.



We provide and develop leadership that will generate profitable business opportunity across the Nation and give back to the society through corporate social responsibility.

We will achieve our vision of being the leader through:

  • Attracting, developing, retaining and rewarding valued people
  • Understanding and meeting the expectations of our clients
  • Sustaining the growth of our profile and markets
  • Continually improving the safety and quality of our service delivery
  • Creating shareholder value through high performance.


Core Values

We are committed to leaving a legacy through developing local skill for sustainable opportunities and volunteering time and talent to any of her host community


Our values…

Pyrotechnics’ core values shape the way we work as individuals and as an organization.
They help ensure that we attract and retain staff with common values which will help us meet the needs of clients and the communities in which we work.
Developed in conjunction with our staff, our values represent who we are, the way we work and who we want to be.


Self-confidence: We take responsibility for our actions and focus on solutions not problems.

Pyrotechnics clarify performance requirements, encourage regular and constructive feedback, recognize and build on our strengths.

Safety: It is an organization that takes individual and company-wide responsibility for safety in our daily activities.


Partnering: We foster trusted relationships with all stakeholders for long term mutual benefit and treat our partners how we like to be treated ourselves, with sincerity, openness and empathy.


Passion: An Engineering company that have the passion, courage and commitment to make a positive difference.


Innovation: Our organization takes the time to be innovative, to think and create valued outcomes for our clients which support our vision for the future. We encourage our people to be creative, entrepreneurial and to share their knowledge and expertise with their colleagues.


Integrity: PEL show leadership by reflecting community standards of openness and integrity. We do what we say we will do and act in accordance with our legal, social, environmental and shareholder responsibilities.


Sustainability: We actively incorporate principles of sustainability when designing solutions to economic, social, environmental and cultural issues in our projects.


Our history…
Pyrotechnics was founded and established by law in Nigeria by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2008.
Our continuing success is largely attributable to the provision of diverse and complementary services, a strong emphasis on exceptional client service and a growth strategy which positions us to make the most of strategic markets that deliver new services and accelerate economic growth.

In 2008, while on course for Infrastructural expansion in the Nation, Our company became ‘Pyrotechnics’ and hasn’t looked back.
From early beginnings as a Nigerian-based engineering firm, PEL is now a leading company on a mission to shape the future for communities around the country.